Patient Safety

All medical and surgical procedures are accompanied by various risks. In general terms, serious, life threatening complications are far less likely (more than ten times less likely) with gastric balloon therapy when compared against the most commonly performed weight loss surgery in Australia.

Patient safety, and in particular the risk of complications and side effects, are taken very seriously by The BMI Clinic, and we employ a number of world’s best systems to prevent, monitor and manage issues if they arise.  The BMI Clinic now has the most advanced patient safety management system in the world. Below are just some of the initiatives we employ .

24 Hour Patient Help Line

The BMI Clinic runs a 24-hour support line (1300 376 026) for patients and other medical practitioners involved in the care of patients undergoing treatment with The BMI Clinic. The line is manned 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year, by clinically trained staff (nurses and doctors). Patients are encouraged to report any symptoms or concerns immediately for advice from our specialist team. Help is never more than a phone call away – any time of the day or night.

Intravenous Hydration and Medications (The Infusion Clinic)

All patients undergoing endoscopic bariatric therapies (gastric balloons, endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty) with The BMI Clinic receive routine intravenous hydration and medications in the post-procedure recovery period (the days following your procedure). Patients are also able to access The Infusion Clinic for IV medications and rehydration as necessary to ensure their comfort and safety throughout the course of their treatment.

The routine use of IV medications enable us to closely manage the discomfort, nausea and other side effects which are commonly encountered in the first few days following endoscopic bariatric procedures.

BMI Active Monitoring

BMI has developed a proprietary patient management system which incorporates live, up-to-the-minute monitoring of patients through the incorporation of optional Wifi Smart Scales. This technology allows our specialist staff to proactively manage your weight loss journey between visits to our clinic, giving us the flexibility to provide tailored advice at every step.

Comprehensive Medication Regimen

Our extensive experience has allowed us to optimise a comprehensive medication regimen and management plan, to optimise recovery and minimise side effects. We utilise a number of medications which allow us to intensively manage symptoms. All patients are encouraged to purchase a Medications Pack which includes all of the medications that they may need to optimise their safety and comfort at any point in their treatment.

Aggressive Management of Nausea and Vomiting

The combination of intensive symptoms management, medications and the other initiatives outlined above means that currently the rate of any vomiting following insertion or adjustment of an intragastric balloon with The BMI Clinic is between 5 – 10% (compared to 80 – 90% seen in most other practices around the world).