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Spatz3 Adjustable Gastric Balloon

The Spatz3® Adjustable Gastric Balloon is a non-surgical procedure available for weight loss and is used at BMI as part of a comprehensive 12 or 18-month weight loss program involving regular, ongoing reviews with our specialist doctors, dietitians and psychologists to deliver maximum weight loss.

While most gastric balloons can only stay in place for six months, the Spatz3® balloon can stay in place for up to 12-months. Additionally, the Spatz3® balloon is the only balloon which is adjustable, meaning your doctor can decide to make the device bigger (to reduce appetite/improve satiety and improve weight loss) or smaller (to reduce symptoms or side effects) as often as is needed while the balloon is implanted.

The BMI Clinic is currently the only clinic in Australia trained in the use of the Spatz3® system.

The Spatz3® Procedure

The soft, adjustable silicone balloon is placed in your stomach using a gastroscope (camera) without the need for surgery in a 20 minute procedure. The balloon is filled with sterile saline to a volume determined by your specialist doctor. Your procedure will be completed in a day hospital facility under sedation and you will generally be discharged within a few hours of the procedure.

Throughout the program our team of weight loss specialists will work with you to guide and support you in learning to make healthy lifestyle choices. As your body gets used to any gastric balloon, it’s effectiveness can diminish, and so with the Spatz3® Adjustable Balloon our specialist doctors can decide to add more fluid into the balloon at multiple times over the implantation period, thereby helping to further modulate your appetite and food consumption.

The Spatz3® Adjustable Gastric Balloon allows you to learn portion control and develop healthy changes in your eating habits that can last well beyond the 12 month balloon placement.

After 12 months, The Spatz3® Adjustable Gastric Balloon is removed through the mouth in the same way it was placed.

Weight Loss with Spatz3® Adjustable Balloon

The average weight loss with the Spatz3® depends on a number of factors; the most important being your ability to commit to seeing our dietitians regularly and instituting the changes they recommend in your lifestyle.  The average weight loss with this device over 12 months is approximately 20 – 30 kg.

Proven, safe weight loss – The Spatz3® Adjustable Balloon has been proven to be safe and effective in clinical trials.

Exclusive to BMI – BMI are the only centre in Australia trained in the use of the Spatz3® Adjustable balloon.

12 Months Placement – The Spatz3® Adjustable Balloon can stay in place for up to 12 months, more than twice that of other gastric balloons.

Adjustable – The Spatz3® Adjustable Balloon can be adjusted (up or down in size) at multiple times throughout the 12 month implantation period, to help further modulate appetite and food consumption.

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