Easy ways to boost your motivation to exercise this winter

By The BMI Clinic’s Exercise team

Good news, everyone! The shortest day of the year is behind us! And not a day too soon, either. If you’re not one of the lucky ones that has jetted off to Europe (which feels like most people at the moment!) it’s probably been about six months since your last holiday and motivation for most things, especially exercise, is getting thin. Here are 5 simple and easy ways to make sure you get through the colder months:

  1. Try something new! We know that the daily grind can get you down. Why not change it up? You’ll learn something different, meet new people and not even realise you’re burning calories.
  2. Sign up to a 30-day challenge or a 12 Week Program. Either will provide you with a short-term focus, allow you to set clear goals, and provide you with a sense of accountability. Here is more information on The BMI Clinic’s 12 Week Program.
  3. Begin training for an event. Whether it’s a fun run, obstacle course or team sport gala day, having a future date in mind will give you something to set your sights on, and keep you committed to your training program.
  4. Treat yo self! Buy yourself new workout gear as a reward for the hard work you’ve done. Feeling good about how you look is empowering and can give your workouts a boost.
  5. Find a fitness friend. Even going for a walk once a week with friends and family can have a huge impact on your motivation. Not only will you have an excuse to spent time with those you care about but you will enjoy important health benefits as well.
  6. Stick up an inspiring quote. Put up a quote somewhere where you will see you and it can inspire you – on your friend, bathroom mirror or even on your mobile. BMI favourite motivation to work out quotes:  “nothing happens if nothing happens”,  “Sweat like a pig, look like a fox”.

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