fruit, stethoscope and blood glucose meter used in ENDiabetes diabetes prevention program

ENDiabetes Program

Have you been newly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?

Is your family history or current health increasing your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes?

Would you like to send your Type 2 Diabetes into remission?

ENDiabetes, a diabetes prevention program (DPP), is just what you need to get your health back on track.

Offered exclusively at The BMI Clinic, ENDiabetes is a comprehensive, world-leading lifestyle program backed by the latest scientific research into Type 2 Diabetes prevention and treatment. Your care during this 12-month program is co-ordinated by an integrated team of dietitians, exercise physiologists and behavioural coaches, all working to support you as you transition your lifestyle and send your diabetes into remission.

As a participant in ENDiabetes, you will love the engaging content and practical nature of each consultation with your care team. You will walk out of each clinic visit with actionable, tailored and achievable steps you can implement in your lifestyle to improve your health.

How will ENDiabetes benefit me?

What does ENDiabetes include?

This rigorous 12-month program is underpinned by compelling evidence and delivers an innovative best practice approach to diabetes prevention and remission.

Visits with your care team
Practical One-on-One Gym Sessions
Body Comp & Metabolic Tests
Interactive Webinar Series
Min Supermarket Tour

What is the price and included value of ENDiabetes?

ENDiabetes Program

  • or $275 per month over 8 months with $750 enrolment deposit
  • Face-to-face consultations with our integrated allied health team – $1,725 value
  • Face-to-face consultations with our Bariatric Physician (bulk billed) – $575+ value
  • Body composition scan (DEXA) or Metabolic testing (indirect calorimetry) – $360 value
  • BMI Active 12-month membership – $240 value
  • Wi-Fi enabled Smart Scales – $119 value
  • Impromy VLCD meal-replacement shakes starter kit & 4 weeks’ supply- $380 value
  • Supermarket tour – $100 value
  • Gym sessions – $270 value
  • Webinar series – $240 value

Do I need a GP referral or to let my GP know?

We encourage all participants in the ENDiabetes program to inform their GP, however this is not mandatory, as a doctor’s referral is NOT required for you to join the program. If you would like, we can provide your GP with a 6-monthly progress report, to keep your GP well informed on your care.