Patients preparing meal with vegetables as part of The BMI Clinic Lifestyle Program

Sense After Surgery

Did you undergo weight loss or bariatric surgery a while ago, but are not where you want to be in terms of your weight loss?

Following your surgery, would you like more detailed follow-up with a specialised team of medical and health professionals to empower you to lead a healthy lifestyle?

Would you like a greater level of ongoing support, to provide a guiding hand and a sense of accountability to achieve your weight loss goals since your surgery?

Our Sense After Surgery program has been designed just for you – whether you have just undergone weight loss surgery or have been living with a gastric sleeve or bypass for several years. Your care during this 12-month program is co-ordinated by an integrated team of specialised bariatric (weight loss) doctors, dietitians, exercise professionals and behavioural coaches, all working to support you as you transition your lifestyle and achieve the weight loss you are after.

Kick-start your weight loss

You may have initially experienced rapid weight loss which has now stalled, or perhaps you have not yet achieved the milestones you had hoped for following your surgery. Our unique, evidence-based approach will kick-start an accelerated rate of weight loss to get you to your goals.

High frequency contact

One of the key factors that influence how successful a person will be in their weight loss efforts is how often they engage with their care team. We have built our Sense After Surgery program to a best-practice standard, where we start the program with a high intensity phase of frequent contact and work to get you to your goal well before the end of the 12 months.

Surgery specific

We understand the science of living with a sleeve or bypass, so have tailored our education modules to be specific to this experience. You will receive customised information on portion sizes, food choices, meal timing, and exercise prescription, while also working on forming positive lifestyle habits that will sustain the weight loss.

Engaging content

As a participant in our Sense After Surgery program, you will love the engaging content and practical nature of each consultation with your care team. You will walk out of each clinic visit with actionable, tailored and achievable steps you can implement in your lifestyle to improve your health.

How will the Sense After Surgery program benefit me?

  • Kick start and maximise your weight loss following surgery

  • Learn how to eat well with a gastric sleeve to maximise your food and nutrition intake

  • Ensure your diet is nutritionally adequate to minimise the risk of deficiencies and further health complications

  • Discover movement you enjoy to sustain your weight loss

  • Receive ongoing support and accountability for the lifestyle changes you have set out to achieve

  • Uncover and resolve behaviours (such as emotional eating) that may sabotage your weight loss efforts

  • Improve your health markers, including blood pressure and cholesterol

What does the Sense After Surgery program include?

This rigorous 12-month program is underpinned by compelling evidence and delivers an innovative best-practice approach to weight loss and weight regain prevention following weight loss surgery.

Total visits with your care team
Metabolic tests or Body Composition DEXA scans
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What is the price and included value of the Sense After Surgery program?


  • or $200 per month over 10 months with $500 enrolment deposit
  • Face-to-face consultations with our integrated allied health team – $1,725 value
  • Face-to-face consultations with our Bariatric Physician (bulk billed) – $575+ value
  • Body composition scan (DEXA) or Metabolic testing (indirect calorimetry) – $270 value
  • BMI Active 12-month membership – $240 value
  • Wi-Fi enabled Smart Scales – $119 value
  • Impromy VLCD meal-replacement shakes starter kit – $109 value

Do I need to have had my weight loss surgery at The BMI Clinic to participate in this program?

No, this program has been intentionally designed for those who have had their surgery performed at another centre, and are looking for ongoing support and education to enhance their weight loss experience.

We do offer gastric sleeve and bypass surgery at The BMI Clinic, which is accompanied by a 12, 18 or 24-month program. If you are considering weight loss surgery, be sure to visit our page on Surgical Procedures for more information.