15 Benefits of an Exercise Consultation

By David Hawkins, Physiotherapist

Although every consultation is different and personalised, here are 10 reasons to come and have an exercise consultation:

  1. Education: Learn how to exercise safely, effectively and efficiently to optimise your results and the time you spend exercising.
  2. Goal-setting: Set goals to keep you on track, hold you accountable and stay motivated.
  3. Motivation: Receive tips and techniques to help you cultivate or maintain your motivation to exercise.
  4. No time time exercise? Learn time-saving and efficient ways to exercise
  5. If you hate exercise: Perhaps you just haven’t found something you love? Your Exercise Specialist can give you some ideas you may not have yet considered or known about.
  6. Optimisation: Develop an tailored exercise plan just for you. Learn how to optimise exercise for weight loss and weight maintenance based on your circumstances, lifestyle and physical condition.
  7. Accountability: Our clients’ results have been shown to improve with the more points of contact they have. On some programs, you are scheduled to see the Exercise Specialist 7x.  That’s 7x more points of contact to help hold you accountable, keep you motivated and optimise your weight-loss journey.
  8. Program: Your Exercise Specialist will write you a tailored exercise program to help you achieve your goals.
  9. Navigation: Your Exercise Specialist can help you to navigate your way through the masses of information out there to make informed decisions regarding exercise and the best ways to achieve your goals.
  10. New ideas: There is more than one way to skin a cat. Even if you’re a savvy exerciser, you may still learn some new ideas, tips or tactics to improve or change your exercise regime.

Hope to see you in clinic soon!

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