The Lifestyle Program

Whether you have ‘the last 5 kilos’ to lose, looking to drop a dress size, or are wanting to overhaul your lifestyle to achieve significant weight loss and health gains, our Lifestyle Program provides you with a flexible, tailored approach delivered by a team of medical and health professionals, to get you hitting your goals.

Our Lifestyle Program is a comprehensive, best-practice program backed by the latest weight loss science. Your care during this 12-month program is co-ordinated by an integrated team of bariatric (weight loss) doctors, dietitians, exercise physiologists and behavioural coaches, all working to support you as you transition your lifestyle and achieve the weight loss you are after.

Accelerated weight loss

You’ve heard it before, slow and steady wins the weight loss race. We’re here to tell you this is an old school of thought. Contemporary science has revealed accelerated weight loss is a more successful approach, and is why we have geared our Lifestyle Program for rapid weight loss, particularly during the initial intensive phase.

High frequency contact

One of the key factors that influence how successful a person will be in their weight loss efforts is how often they engage with their care team. We have built our Lifestyle Program to a best-practice standard, where we kick off each program with a high intensity phase of frequent contact and work to get you to your goal well before the end of your program.

Structured & customised

We understand that weight loss is highly individual, which is why we offer a variety of customisations – from the education modules you receive to the diet and exercise prescription. We recognise that a ‘one size fits all approach’ doesn’t hold true, so work very closely with you for a tailored approach.

Engaging content

As a participant in our Lifestyle Program, you will love the engaging content and practical nature of each consultation with your care team. You will walk out of each clinic visit with actionable, tailored and achievable steps you can implement in your lifestyle to improve your health.

How will the Lifestyle Program benefit me?

  • Achieve fast weight loss while developing skills, knowledge and motivation to prevent weight regain

  • Find more energy everyday

  • Drop a dress size by reducing your waist circumference

  • Discover movement you enjoy so it is no longer a chore but something you look forward to

  • Improve your sleep

  • Uncover and resolve behaviours (such as emotional eating) that may have sabotaged your weight loss efforts in the past

  • Improve your health markers, including blood pressure and cholesterol

What does the Lifestyle Program include?

This rigorous 12-month program is underpinned by compelling evidence and delivers an innovative best practice approach to weight loss and weight gain prevention.

Visits with your Allied Health team
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Store Credit

What is the price and included value of the Lifestyle Program?


  • 14 X consultations with our integrated allied health team
  • Bulk-billed consultations with our Bariatric Physician
  • $170 Store Credit