Our Results

We are innovators, committed to pioneering research and the development of novel minimally-invasive interventions to progress the evidence-base and continue to achieve stellar patient health outcomes.

Our weight loss results exceed published studies. Our patients achieve superior outcomes.

The BMI Clinic patients achieve an average weight loss greater than that published by weight loss studies. For our gastric balloon and ESG patients, this average weight loss translates to a 15 and 20cm reduction in their waist circumference, respectively! Which means you could drop 3 to 4 dress sizes!

off your waist – that’s 3 to 4 dress sizes!
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15.3% average total body weight loss

18.2% average total body weight loss

20.9% average total body weight loss

12% average total body weight loss

16.4% average total body weight loss

17-18% average total body weight loss

weight loss with every additional consultation

Lose more weight with each additional consultation with your care team.

We accompany every procedure with our lifestyle program for many reasons – most excitingly, because it leads to greater weight loss for you! Data from our own clinic has demonstrated the more consultations you have with your care team, the greater the weight you’ll lose – an extra 0.4kg for each visit.

Protect against weight regain by building lean mass.

Our approach to weight loss will preserve and even help you build lean muscle, which protects you against weight regain by boosting your metabolism.

Within the first 6 months of their program, 60% of patients at The BMI Clinic put on muscle mass. This a fantastic achievement given weight loss is generally associated with a reduction in not only fat mass but unfortunately lean mass as well – an effect which compromises your metabolism and your weight maintenance efforts after the initial weight loss. Our program has enabled us to reverse this effect, through our education sessions, goal setting and use of superior testing techniques including DEXA scans, enable us to proactively protect against lean muscle loss.

gain lean muscle mass which preserves metabolism and protects against weight regain