Weight Loss Clinical Trials

How do weight loss clinical trials work?

Clinical trials are a type of research study conducted with human subjects (patients). Weight loss clinical trials generally aim to measure the safety and effectiveness of a new type of weight loss treatment. Effectiveness is normally measured in terms of weight loss, body composition changes, or health marker improvements (blood glucose for example).

Clinical trials are conducted under a “protocol” which determines which patients are eligible to participate, as well as the schedule of follow ups, procedures and tests. The protocol is reviewed and monitored by an ethics committee to ensure that the research is ethically acceptable and conducted in accordance with relevant standards and guidelines.

Subjects are recruited and followed closely in order to compare the new treatment against a control over a set period of time. The control is normally either a placebo or an existing form of treatment.

Who pays for weight loss clinical trials?

Clinical trials are typically sponsored or funded by an external organisation – either government, a foundation, or the manufacturer of the medical device or drug being studied – so the cost of treatment is normally covered (or at least heavily subsidised) to the patient.

Clinical trials at The BMI Clinic

As world leaders, our specialist doctors and scientists are regularly called upon to undertake research trials into new weight loss devices and techniques. There are a number of promising new minimally-invasive weight loss interventions at various stages of the development cycle, and we expect many of these to move into the clinical trial phase once they have completed laboratory and/or animal studies.

You can register your interest in upcoming studies using the form below.

The HybridAPC in GMA Clinical Trial for Obesity

We’re currently recruiting participants for a first-in-human clinical study investigating the safety and feasibility of a new potential treatment for weight loss.

Participants will receive the GMA Procedure at no cost and will be enrolled in the study for approx. 9 months while they are supported by our specialist doctors and dietitians.

If you’re struggling with obesity and interested in a clinical trial which may assist with weight loss, you may be a candidate for this study.

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