3 exercise tips for busy mums

By The BMI Clinic’s Exercise team

Are you a parent struggling to find time to exercise? We know how difficult it is to organise a family, not to mention often juggling full or part time work at the same time. Unfortunately, exercise will often be the first thing to fall by the wayside as other things pile up. Making sure you exercise regularly can be a challenge with such a busy schedule, however the benefits far outweigh the negatives. Exercise is proven to be effective in alleviating stress, improving energy levels and mood, treating anxiety and depression and of course keeping your weight under control.

Here are some tips to make exercise part of your day:

  1. Exercise when they exercise – If you take your kids to swimming lessons, football training or dancing classes, why not use that time to workout yourself? If they are swimming, you could swim in the lanes near to the class (seeing as you’ve already paid entry for the pool!). If they have sports practice or a Saturday morning game outside, why not walk some laps around the oval? This way, you can watch your kids play sport whilst you squeeze in your daily workout. For mums with multiple kids, this would all add up to a big chunk of time. Now that’s what we call efficiency!
  2. Get together with other parents – Who better to understand the challenges you face with exercise than other parents who are in the exact same position as you? Exercising with a buddy or group of friends is one of the most motivating ways to maintain a regular exercise routine as it helps to keep you accountable. Plus, this way you have a chance to catch up with friends and kill two birds with one stone! If you usually meet over coffee, try going for a coastal walk first and reward yourself with a coffee at the finish line. If you’ve got young kids, joining a pram walking group may be more suited to you. The key is finding something you all will enjoy!
  3. Make it a family activity – Taking the whole family on regular weekend walks or even to the playground are great ways to burn up calories whilst having fun. Another idea is to include your kids in your exercise routine at home! It could be as simple as stretching together or even using them as extra weight to up the intensity of your workout. Playing or exercising with your kids  a great way to spend more quality time together and helps to teach them the importance of physical activity.

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