5 strategies to keep hydrated this Summer

By Antonia Manolios, Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)

Drinking water is important for so many reasons – it keeps us hydrated, allows our kidneys to work well, and can actually help keep our hunger at bay. Clinical studies have shown that by drinking adequate amounts of water, we are less likely to graze on food through the day. This is because we often eat in response to being thirsty.

Some people are great water drinkers and others are not so great (myself included!). Here are my tips on how to make getting your daily 1-2L a little easier:

  1. Purchase a nice water bottle – one that you will like using. I know it sounds silly but it makes a difference!
  2. Take water with you everywhere – have one in your bag and in the car. Place the bottle somewhere visible as a prompt eg. keep a bottle on your desk.
  3. Try setting reminders (as alarms) on your phone to remind yourself to drink every hour. If setting alarms isn’t your thing, try an Ulla – this small device can be strapped to your water bottle, and each time if flashes is a prompt to have a drink (note: Ulla Hydration Reminders are available from The BMI Store for $39.95).
  4. Make your water interesting by adding herbs and fresh fruit – it makes a world of difference! My favourite combinations are strawberries + mint + a slice of lemon, OR cucumber + mint, OR basil + strawberries. Another nice idea is to make some herbal tea and wait for it to chill or try a cold water infusion (eg. Twinings brand). It makes a great chilled herbal tea.
  5. Lastly, make sure you chase every caffeinated beverage (tea and coffee) with a glass of water.

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