7 tips to ensure smooth sailing before your Endoscopic weight loss procedure

By Samantha Melki – Registered Nurse

When you’re going into hospital for a procedure, it helps to be well prepared. This includes travelling to the hospital, organising someone to take you home afterwards, and knowing what to bring (and what not to bring) along with you. 

Here is a brief checklist that you can use to make sure you are ready for your hospital stay: 

  1. As soon as you have finalised your procedure date, let your employer know that will need some time away from work. You may also need to let them know that you can’t do any heavy lifting for a few weeks after you return to work. Don’t forget to ask the day hospital to give you a medical certificate if one is required!
  2. Make sure you have followed your correct pre-procedure diet and taken any required pre-procedure medications. If you are unsure or would like clarification on either of these, please don’t hesitate to contact your Dietitian or a Practice Nurse at The BMI Clinic
  3. Bring your medication pack with you to the day hospital (in case you are required to take something from there, or you have any questions to ask the hospital nursing staff) 
  4. Remove all nail polish from fingers and toes. This is really important as nail polish interferes with anaesthetic monitoring during your procedure. Men must also shave their beards.
  5. Remove all jewellery or valuable items like watches 
  6. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear (you will definitely appreciate this!) 
  7. Make sure you have organised a responsible family member or friend to accompany you home from the day hospital, as you will not be allowed to drive for 24 hours after your procedure. This person will need to collect you directly from the Recovery Room when you have been cleared for discharge. If you are unable to find an escort or carer, the Hospital can assist you in calling an external nursing agency who collect you from hospital and take you home. There is a small fee involved with this service. The nurses are very lovely!

This checklist is a great starting point for your preparation, however if you are ever unsure about what is required of you, you can always contact The BMI Clinic or the day hospital for specifics. 

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