Eating healthy while travelling.

By Antonia Manolios,  Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)

For most of us, travelling is a part of life, whether it be for work or play, or it’s a long or short trip. However, when you are trying to eat well or lose weight, holidays can be challenging. The majority of us throw all of our healthy eating out the window and eat whatever we want when we want!

At the BMI clinic, we believe you can go away and maintain (or even lose) your weight while having an enjoyable holiday. Here’s how:

1. Avoid Buffet Binges

If you have the option of avoiding these, then do! It’s a safer option to order from the menu – it will help with your portion control and you won’t be as tempted by all the food on offer!

If you can’t avoid the buffet, then try not to think of the buffet as a ‘to do” list. You don’t have to try everything on display. Rather, do a lap around the buffet and see what is available. Then fill your plate up once, sit down, enjoy your meal trying not to go back for seconds. You’ll have an opportunity to try the other foods tomorrow!

2.Keep Active

If you have gotten into a routine of daily exercise, then why not keep it up? You will feel great for it! So make the most of your hotel’s pool or gym, or even better, soak in your new destination by going for a walk or run around the block. If none of that takes your fancy, then you can always work out in your hotel room!

3. Sharing is Caring

Trying new foods is part is the travel experience! So if you decide to try something new which isn’t your main meal, then share it with a friend or family. This will keep your calories down but allow you to taste and experience something new and delicious!

4. 2 is company, 3’s a crowd

While travelling, we often eat out more. So set yourself a rule not to order 3 courses, but rather, try to order 1 or 2 – either an entrée and a main or a main and dessert. Also consider sharing the entrée or dessert with your dining partner!

Bon voyage!

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