How to increase your protein intake on a fluid diet

By Antonia Manolios – Accredited Practising Dietitian

If you are undertaking a procedure with us at the BMI Clinic, you will be asked to adhere to a fluid diet at some stage, whether its shortly after a procedure to allow the stomach to heal or before and after a gastric balloon adjustment.  

Whilst this phase is important for healing and safety reasons, maintaining adequate amounts of protein can be challenging due to the restriction of most foods. 

To help boost your protein intake on a fluid diet, check out our top tips from our Accredited Practising Dietitian Antonia Manolios. 

Increasing protein while on a clear fluid diet: 

  1. Prioritise protein water such as Bodiez Protein Water. These have up to 30g protein /serve and are a great way to increase your protein and stay hydrated while on this diet stage. You can typically find protein water at large Supermarket stores but can also be ordered online for your convenience. 

Increasing protein while on a Free fluid diet: 

Thankfully, on a free fluid diet there are more options and increasing protein intake is a little easier: 

  1. Prioritise Meal Replacements – it is difficult to obtain adequate nutrition on a free fluid diet and meal replacements provide 25g protein (when made with skim milk) and include a range of vitamins and minerals. These are great to have on hand and to enjoy as a main meal 
  2. Consider high protein yoghurt – yoghurt is a great option during free fluids that can be consumed as a main meal or a snack and can deliver ~15g protein per serve! Note: not all brands offer high protein options so be sure to check the Nutrition Information Panel (NIP). Our most loved high protein products are Danone, YoPro or Chobani FIT
  3. Make your own smoothies – if you’ve got a Nutribullet or a high speed blender, smoothies containing skim milk and yoghurt can be a great way to boost your protein intake while on fluids. Contact your BMI Dietitian as they can provide several smoothie recipes suitable during this stage
  4. Consider skim milk powder – Try adding 2 tablespoon of skim milk powder to any creamy liquid (blended soup, milk, yoghurt). By doing this you will increase the protein content of your food by ~9g and with less than 100 calories
  5. Continue to use protein water (as outlined above) 


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