Katharine’s body composition results

weight loss
improvement in BMI
reduction in waist circumference – that’s 5 dress sizes


IGB Gold Program

Katharine’s story

I had originally enquired about the balloon 6 months before I actually did anything about it. Ultimately, I was incredibly unhappy with my physical appearance and this was affecting my mental state. After speaking with a doctor, I knew it was time to do something.

I still remember the day of my consultation like it was yesterday, I was still unsure whether I was making the right decision when I stepped into the clinic, but after meeting [the care team] I was at ease. Then it came time to meet Dr Adrian, I was nervous but he put me at ease right away and I knew this was the right path. He asked some really hard hitting questions that opened my eyes, but made me believe in myself and the fact that I could reach those goals we set out. I signed up and booked my procedure that afternoon before I could talk myself out of it.

The knowledge and support I received made the journey a lot easier. Seeing and hearing the excitement from the team each time I reached my goals spurred me on.

I am a completely different person [now], I found what made me happy and I have made a lot of changes (mentally and physically). I’ve even signed up to indoor netball after not playing any team sport for about 11 years and I played in Centre the first game!