5 easy breakfast ideas for work

By Casey O’Dell, Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)

If you’re rushing out the door to work and don’t have time to prepare a meal or simply go from a morning gym session straight to work, having options for a healthy breakfast at work is so important. It’s also very easy to do and will prevent you from eating at the local café or not eating at all. The following are simple and healthy ideas which can be whipped up at work when you get there!

  1. Sachet of oats – This is probably the quickest and easiest of all. Add a low-fat milk of your choice before you cook to ensure you get the most nutrition out of your breakfast. Adding frozen blueberries before cooking or fresh berries just after will give the sachets a little sweet kick.
  2. Overnight oats – My favourite combination is 1/3 cup oats, ½ cup Greek yoghurt, ½ cup frozen berries and a tablespoon of chia seeds. Make 2-3 at once and keep them in the work fridge ready to eat!
  3. Wholegrain toast and scrambled eggs – Whisk 2 eggs and a dash of milk into a large mug or bowl at work. Heat for a minute in the microwave, give it a stir and heat for another 30sec – 1 min until cooked through. Serve on a slice of toast.
  4. Wholegrain toast with half an avocado – Smashed, sliced or however you like it. Season with a little salt and pepper and enjoy!
  5. Meal replacement shake – The perfect parcel of a formulated, nutritionally balanced, low calorie drink – no thought needed, just keep some in your desk draw at work. These also make a great back-up lunch option.

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