Jordan’s results

weight loss
improvement in BMI
reduction in waist circumference


IGB Gold Program

Jordan’s story

I’ve been overweight my entire adult life, and although I was playing a lot of sport, I was just steadily putting on weight. After many failed attempts at diets and ballooning out to my biggest weight ever, I decided to contact The BMI Clinic.

From the first appointment, I’ve had a great experience. The reception staff were friendly and accommodating. Dr Sartoretto was excellent – he really thoroughly explained the procedure and after care, and made the process individualised to me and my goals. The support of the allied health team was invaluable. They really helped change my attitude towards food, eating and weight loss. I have found I have learnt balance in my diet, and no longer feel guilty about eating out and enjoying myself occasionally. I found that with the balloon, I could still feel normal even though I was losing weight dramatically.

With the help of The BMI Clinic, I’ve managed to lose more than 30kg in less than 1 year! It has been a tough but rewarding process that lead to successful results. I am now lighter than I have ever been since finishing high school. Every aspect of my life has improved – my sporting performance, my fitness, my health, my skin, my sleep quality and my energy levels. The only downside is now I have to buy an entire new wardrobe as none of my clothes fit anymore!

I couldn’t recommend The BMI Clinic more!