The most commonly asked questions about weight loss…and the answers! [part 2]

By Kamyra La Fauci, Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)

Can I still be social and lose weight?

Yes, but it depends on how social. Eating out presents several challenges that can impact on your results. Firstly, we are always served much bigger portions, sometimes double then what we serve ourselves at home and research shows we are likely to finish everything served on our plate. Secondly, we have much less control of what goes into our food when we aren’t preparing the meal ourselves… all those added fats, sugars and salt is usually why the meal tastes so good! And lastly don’t forget the alcohol, which can easily add another 400 calories when sharing a bottle of wine. If you are serious about committing to losing weight, it’s about achieving the right balance. You don’t have to avoid social situations all together, but instead aim to limit to 1-2 meals outside the home each week and choose your meal wisely. Opt for dishes that contain vegetables or salad, a good source of protein and keep alcohol to 1-2 glasses per occasion.

How to spot a craving

How to spot a craving By Christina Ross - Accredited Practising Dietitian Cravings were once believed to be a sign of nutrient deficiency; however, we now understand this isn’t the case. Another [...]