What to expect on the day of your Endoscopic weight loss procedure

By Samantha Melki – Registered Nurse

Having a bariatric procedure can be a daunting process, especially if it is your first time. The best way to overcome pre-procedure nerves is to feel prepared. For some people, knowing exactly what to expect on the day can help to make them feel more in control and therefore more comfortable with the experience.   

Our Registered Nurse, Samantha Melki explains what you can expect on the day of your Endoscopic weight loss procedure.  

When you arrive at the Day Hospital, you will first check in with the Reception staff who ask you to confirm details and to fill out some paperwork. They will then ask you to take a seat in the waiting room.  

From here, the Admission Nurse will call you from the waiting room and take you inside to an individual change room, where you will change into a hospital gown (very attractive) and put your belongings into a personal belongings bag (this bag is labelled with your name and will stay by your side throughout the day). 

The Admission Nurse will then take you to the pre-operative area where they will confirm your personal details and ask you questions such as ‘do you have any allergies?’ and ‘have you come fasted correctly for your procedure?’. The Admission Nurse will also check your blood pressure and measure height and weight. From here you will be taken to another waiting room. 

Your Anaesthetist will call you from here to have a brief consultation in a private room close by. Generally, it is to explain the anaesthetic process and to ask some clinical questions. From here they will walk you to the procedure room.  

In the procedure room you will be greeted by your BMI Clinic Gastroenterologist and the other theatre staff who will be looking after you. Generally, there are two to three Nurses and two Doctors (the Doctor performing the procedure and the Anaesthetist). The Anaesthetist will then put you to sleep and you will have your procedure.  

After your procedure 

After your procedure, you will wake up in the Recovery Stage 1 Area. In this area you are closely monitored by a Recovery Nurse while you awaken from the anaesthetic medication. You are in this area for about 30 minutes or so. 

When you are feeling well, your Recovery Nurse will walk you to the Recovery Stage 2 Area, where you will take a seat in a (very comfortable) recliner-type chair, protected by a privacy curtain. You can now change back into your own clothing. Your Recovery Nurse contacts your pick-up person at this stage to let them know you will be ready to go home soon.  

Discharge instructions will be explained and given to you to take home which outline things such as comfortable positions to sleep in following your procedure, medications to take, things to avoid (such as alcohol and driving until 24 hours after your procedure) and when to book a follow up appointment. Your BMI Clinic Gastroenterologist will then come to speak with you one last time before discharging you home. 

How long does it all take?  

The expected length of stay from time of arrival at the Day Hospital to time of discharge home can range anywhere between 3-5 hours, depending on the type of procedure you are having, and the speed of your recovery. The Recovery Room staff generally call your pick-up person 1 hour before you are ready to go home. 

You will receive a follow-up call from a BMI Clinic Practice Nurse the day after your procedure to ensure you are recovering well, however if you have any questions or concerns in the meantime you are encouraged to call the clinic directly.  

We hope you found this information helpful to ease your nerves before your upcoming procedure. Wishing you all the best and we look forward to seeing you back in the clinic soon! 

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